Full Days 2 DAYS 7:00-5:45 $600.00 MONTHLY CONTRACT
3 DAYS 7:00-5:45 $900.00 MONTHLY CONTRACT
4 DAYS 7:00-5:45 $1150.00 MONTHLY CONTRACT
5 DAYS 7:00-5:45 $1200.00 MONTHLY CONTRACT

Enrollment Fee

There  is  a $150 non refundable enrollment fee for all new enrollees due at time of  enrollment, and  $100 nonrefundable re-enrollment fee for returning students.

Lunch Fee

You may choose to participate in our  lunch program for  a  fee of $50 per month. This fee must be added to your tuition. If you do not pay, you must provide a  lunch from home. IF  you forget  your  child’ s  lunch Pine Tree  will  provide your  child a  lunch and you  will  be  billed $5.00 per lunch.

Late fee After Closing (5:45pm)

There will  be  a  minimum charge  of $15.00 for  every 15 minute segment past  5:45 pm.

Tuition Past Due

Tuition is due before the first calendar day of each month  regardless of  children’ s  schedules or  vacations. There is  a  $20.00 per  day  late  fee  for  tuition not  being paid  on time.Tuition Monthly Contract

Tuition is based on a monthly contract for  reserved days and hours. Tuition is payable regardless of missed, sick, holidays, vacations or Pine Tree's Closed Days. 

Tuition is to be paid on the first day of each month prior to Preschool and/or childcare services. We have bi-monthly payment options. Please speak to the Director if you need more information about this  option

Extended Hours

Time used before or after your child’ s Monthly Contract will be considered extended hours. You will be charged a  minimum of  $10.00 per half hour segment. You will be issued a  separate invoice and  it  is  payable  upon  receipt.

Changes to Schedule

There is a required thirty day advance written notice to  make  changes to  your  child’ s  reserved schedule. The availability of schedules may be limited. The Director will give you a letter acknowledging your  request for  a  schedule change and will notify you of the availability and changes.

Voucher Sheets

Parents who have  their child on  a  Tuition Voucher Program must fill in their Voucher Time Sheets daily and abide by the voucher contract’ s scheduled hours. You will become personally responsible for  any  child care  tuition not  paid  by the voucher agency.

Non Sufficient Funds Fee

There will be a  $40.00 service charge on any Returned Check. Parents will be required to pay  their  tuition and  service charge  in  cash immediately.

WithDrawl Notice

You must give the Director a written notice of  withdrawal 30  days  prior  to  terminating childcare/preschool services. Upon receiving this notice, the Director will give you a letter that acknowledges your last day of childcare/preschool services. If  the  Director does  not  receive  a  written notice, you will still be under a legal contract and be expected to  pay  your invoices.

Court Fees

Should it  become necessary for  Pine Tree  School  to  hire  a  collection agency for  non  payment of  fees, you  will be responsible for all  the  collection fees any other legal fee required to obtain payment.


There  is  a $150 non refundable enrollment fee for all new enrollees due at time of  enrollment, and  $100 nonrefundable re-enrollment fee for returning students.